Australia Trip August 2007 187Chris Ringland
A biography:
Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Chris had a passion for wine from a very young age, cultivating neighbor’s vines to make his first wines. After a few
years working as a cellar hand locally, Chris traveled to South Australia where he studied oenology at the famed Roseworthy campus.  On completion of his studies, Chris returned to New Zealand where he finished his citation on wine phenolics and protein fining agents. After periods of working in
California and Europe, Chris found his way back to South Australia and
in the late eighties took a position with Robert O’Callaghan at Rockford wines in the Barossa. It was here Chris developed his unique style and produced his now world famous!Shiraz, under his own name.  Formerly Three Rivers Shiraz.
After 15 years at Rockford, Chris traveled back to Europe and developed
a!number of projects with local producers in Spain and Italy, all the while keeping a watchful eye over operations at Rockford. In the Australian vintage!vintage of 2004, an embryonic project with Dan Philips began, culminating in R Wines, that Chris presides over as Executive Winemaker.

Wines that are being tasted will be the following:

Wines to be tasted:  ALL FROM R-WINERY
Darby and Joan Cabernet Sauvignon, Riverland & Langhorn Creek 2008
Southern Gothic Southern Belle Shiraz, Barossa Valley 2005
Southern Gothic Poor Thing Grenache, Barossa Valley, 2006
Southern Gothic Diddley Bow Riesling , Western Australia, 2007
Marquis Phillips Grenache, Southeastern Australia 2007
Marquis Phillips Shiraz, Southeastern Australia 2007
Bitch Grenache, Southeastern Australia 2007
Strong Arms Shiraz, Southeastern Australia 2007
William Downie Permutations Pinot Noir, Victoria 2008
Chateau Chateau Columns Grenache, Greenock Creek 2006
Chateau Chateau Island Grenache, Ebenezer 2006
Chateau Chateau Magic Window Grenache, Maranaga 2006
Chateau Chateau Triumphal Arc, Light Pass 2006


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